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Diane Goldring for City Council

As your city council representative, I will work for you.  An Evanston native, I am deeply committed to the community and its progressive values.  I strongly believe that elected officials should encourage participatory democracy and govern with transparency and accountability.   

Evanston City Council’s stated mission is to promote “the highest quality of life for all residents by providing fiscally sound, responsive municipal services and delivering those services equitably, professionally, and with the highest degree of integrity.”  In recent years it has largely fallen short. 

I will work to fulfill the city’s mission by partnering with Evanston’s many smart, progressive leaders to address our city’s most serious issues.  Specifically, I plan to:

  • Make policy decisions through the equity lens to which the city has committed;
  • Prioritize human and social services such as youth outreach and employment, mental health and community development in the city budget;
  • Address Evanston’s serious affordable housing shortage;
  • Partner with climate leaders to continue Evanston's fight against climate change;
  • Explore ways to streamline city processes in order to move more quickly from need to action;
  • Encourage participatory democracy by holding monthly ward meetings and informing constituents about important city issues.

I urge you to use the contact form to reach out to me with questions or comments.  I would love to hear your ideas.

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I support Diane Goldring's city council fourth ward campaign. Join me!
Diane Goldring for City Council
I support Diane Goldring's city council fourth ward campaign. Join me!